The OVG to return July 1

In our small little video game world of Central Florida, The OVG has been trying to spotlight the community.

It has been just more than one year since I launched this website with a goal of showing off what we have here in the region.

It all started with a YouTube channel that highlighted an arcade game aficionado in town who planned to auction off part of his collection.

Months after we launched, I set up this website and have dug every minute of it.

But it has been a mostly part-time gig that has had its stops and starts. Well, it’s time to start again and that will happen July 1.

In one year, this page has allowed me to connect with the Orlando Magic’s esports team and Full Sail University’s deep roster of alumni. It has enhanced my connections with Indienomicon and kept an eye out for high-profile events that made their way through Orlando.

Because of that, I have interviewed the creator of Pitfall!, watched the voice of Scorpion in “Mortal Kombat” tell stories about his career and attended a concert that featured the rapper Mega Ran, who I loved even before he came into town.

On July 1, will return with more interviews, features, event coverage and esports coverage than before.

How can I possibly know that? Well, I no longer have my full-time gig and am free to devote as much time as I’d like to this effort.

In the coming weeks (before July 1), I’ll be reaching out to the community, being more aggressive in communicating who and what I want to feature.

Spoiler alert: YOU and YOUR PROJECTS!

I want to take this more hyper-local.

On our Facebook page, I have recorded five interviews with local video game personalities. That will continue.

But I also want to finally execute on what I have wanted this to become long ago: a spot to show off what kinds of professionals we have here.

Do you perform music for video games? Hit me up.

Are you creating your own game? Let’s highlight it and create some buzz.

Are you an alum of a local program who is now making games and getting paid for it? Per. Fect.

Let’s do this, Orlando.

Marco Santana



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