Photos: At IAAPA, video games emerge as theme park strategy

It’s no secret that video game culture has become one of the more popular trends in technology and other industries.

That is clearly the case at attractions and the amusement park industry.

An international trade show in Orlando included several references to games, whether it was actual video games that were trying to make their way into the parks or exhibits that highlighted some iconic characters.

We took a few shots while roaming the trade floor.

Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Dot … as children?
This wall-sized Pac-Man game was cool.
Mario and Luigi are on an R and R break.
Sonic was just hanging out.

Halo and Batman were both represented, too.

Master Chief.
There were, of course, a good number of rides to try out.
A Lara Croft sighting.
A phone charger … that I want.
Oh, hi.
Pinball wizards.
Wicked game technology. Very immersive.

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