In downtown Orlando, gamers have an adults-only home

The thumping of 80s and 90s music.

The neon Slimer on the wall.

And, I mean, Asteroids?

It’s safe to say that Joysticks in downtown Orlando has its theme nailed down.

The late-night bar, which opened nearly 3 years ago, has become a staple downtown, drawing the occasional celebrity and giving revelers a chance to take on Donkey Kong or go for a personal record in Galaga (I failed).

The themed drinks – which include names like the Utini Martini and Hulk Smash – help fuel the gamers.

Here is a look inside the bar.

The view as you walk in.
Of course they have Mortal Kombat.
Such a cool retro display case.
If you’re good, you can be memorialized.
I know this guy.
It’s true. They really are.
I’m a pinball wizard!
They should call it banana dream.
A really cool wall behind the bar.
Q-Bert watching the Kongs.

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