Magic Gaming delivers game kiosks to sick children at Arnold Palmer Hospital

The Orlando Magic’s esports team delivered special gaming kiosks to sick children at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children this week.

Magic Gaming head coach Jonah Edwards and small forward Brandon “ ToXsiK” Raudenbush distributed four GO Karts, which are built by Michigan-based Gamers Outreach.

“It’s always fun to go spend time with them and put a smile on their face and take their mind off of everything they’re going through,” Raudenbush said. “I fell in love with playing games at a young age, so it’s cool to give back and make them happy.”

The kiosks are easily disinfected and portable, with four wheels allowing them to be moved from room to room and to be brought to kids’ bedsides.

“It’s therapeutic play,” said Orlando Health Patient Events Coordinator Jay Brock. “Children don’t necessarily want to talk to nurses or doctors about how they’re feeling physically, mentally or emotionally, but if we can find commonality between the patient and the child life specialist like playing a video game, even if the child life specialist isn’t good at it, it provides that connection and bond.”

Magic Gaming helped the staff assemble the karts, which consist of a monitor, Xbox One, preloaded games, and two controllers.

Raudenbush and Edwards spent some time with the kids, as well.  

Brock said he enjoyed seeing the kids immediately connect with the players through their gaming handles.

Brock said. “It’s really fun to watch, because the child immediately engages and can forget about why they’re in the hospital.”


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