On life support, Mutineers rally for epic run to title match in Atlanta

The Florida Mutineers used a literal last-second victory to catapult them on a run in Atlanta this weekend that ended with a loss in the championship match to the host team Faze.

The showing earned them 30 points and pushed them into fifth place three events into the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season. The Mutineers have only participated in two of the events so far.

The team had to rally after dropping its opening match to the London Royal Ravens 3-1 in the initial double-elimination portion of the schedule.

Kicked to the loser’s bracket, the team was in danger of a quick exit had they lost to Optic Gaming LA.

Optic battered the Mutineers 250-139 in the opening Hardpoint game and led 4-1 in the first-to-six Search and Destroy round.

That’s when the Mutineers turned it on, winning five of the last six games for a 6-5 win in Search and Destroy and 1-1 tie in the match.

But that matchup was overshadowed by a somewhat controversial finish in Domination.

Trailing 142-137 with 20 seconds left, the Mutineers rallied, finally pushing past Optic Gaming 146-145 just as the timer hit 0.0. However, as the game did that, it also displayed a “Draw” sign.

That stopped play for 20 minutes, as judges deliberated on whether to call it a draw or award the Mutineers the win.

Judges ruled for the Mutineers and the squad used that momentum to eliminate Optic Gaming in a 250-231 Hardpoint win.

The Mutineers followed that up with a 3-2 rematch win against the Royal Ravens before an epic 3-2 upset of the Chicago Huntsmen that saw Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson take on his brother Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson.

Atlanta’s Faze squad ended the run with a 3-0 sweep of the Mutineers. Afterward, the team took to Twitter to wrap up the weekend.

“GGs to everyone we played, it was a fun weekend,” Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom wrote.

“GGs Faze they’re nasty,” Cesar “Skyz” Bueno wrote

The Mutineers can exact revenge in two weeks, when they open play in the Los Angeles tournament against Atlanta.

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