Magic Gaming lands former Celtics player in draft

The Magic Gaming squad finished its 2020 look Saturday, drafting a two-year veteran who head coach Jonah Edwards said he had targeted in the league’s first year.

Alexander “Profusion” Snowden, an explosive shooting guard who last season averaged 16 points and shot more than 50 percent from 3, was the first player chosen by the Magic, who picked him in the second round.

Magic Gaming followed that up by selecting Daniel “djbama” Burge in Round 4.

The duo will join a team that includes three returning players and Robert “May” May, who joined the team in an offseason trade that cost Magic Gaming its first-round pick.

May was a Pistons GT first-round pick in 2019.

In addition, Brandon “ToXSiK” Raudenbush, rookie of the year Brendan “Reizey” Hill and Daniel “DT” Tlais return to the team that finished just outside of the postseason last year.

The squad has head coach Jonah Edwards expectingn to compete immediately.

“We have certainly had some roster turnover but we are familiar with both Profusion and DJ,” Edwards told The OVG. “We feel there is a good mix of personalities and we know that this group will certainly get along well and complement each other on the court.”

Edwards described Snowden as a “quick triggered sharpshooter” who is solid on defense.

Burge, meanwhile, will give the team versatility and a solid passing game, he said.

The duo should arrive in Orlando on Sunday and start to workout and practice with the team, while also attending an Orlando Magic game.

However, it won’t necessarily be a first meeting with their new teammates.

Brandon “ToXSiK” Raudenbush was stoked in a draft day video the team released when Profusion was selected.

They are “longtime friends and the guys are all very familiar with him as a person and player,” Edwards said. “DJ and May are good friends, as well and have played together in the past. We have a group that will blend together nicely and get along very well.”

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