FIEA team targets showcase at GDC

A team of FIEA students hope to take their video game, “Malediction,” to the Intel Showcase at Game Developers Conference in March.

The adventure title puts players in the role of a wizard doing battle with his clones.

It was built during the school’s most recent session, which saw students produce four video games.

The projects give designers a chance to hone their skills while building a playable game.

Students generally focus on one of three education tracks: art, programming or production.

“I have a passion for interactive experiences and I grew up with video games,” said Michael Carter, 29, a gameplay engineer and cinematic designer on the game. “They are a good thing for society.”

Gameplay for “Malediction” revolves around a wizard who can control space and time.

The team behind the game started on the concept in January.

“Malediction” serves as the students’ master’s thesis.

“Video games provide a connection and people form strong bonds because of them,” Carter said. “It’s an amazing thing.”

Jaime Tous first started playing video games at 7 years old, when he helped Mario save the princess in the Mushroom Kingdom.

But instead of just wanting to play, he wanted to get more hands on.

“I asked my father how to make games like that,” said Tous, 34.


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