RIT wins Hearthstone college title at Full Sail

A team from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York took home the fall title in the collegiate championships of Hearthstone, a tournament held at Full Sail University earlier this month.

The online digital collectible card game from Blizzard Entertainment has grown in popularity and drew the top four teams to Winter Park.

In Hearthstone, players build a deck of digital cards that are based in the popular World of Warcraft universe.

Players and teams use cards from their constructed decks to battle those of their opponents, with specific traits of the characters in the card determining who comes out on top.

More than 300 teams took part in the season, with Rochester, University of California at Berkeley, Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville advancing to the final tournament.

The winning team received a championship trophy and $6,000 in scholarships for their victory in the single-elimination, best of 5 tournament.

Full Sail University is wrapping up the first year of The Fortress, an esports arena that opened in May and has hosted several tournaments since is debut.

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