Magic Gaming coach Edwards thinks remote play could last more than 6 weeks

The NBA 2K League’s decision to play the first six weeks of the season remotely is likely only the beginning, Magic Gaming head coach Jonah Edwards said.

The affects of coronavirus caused the league to take a cautious approach, launching its third season using exclusively remote play.

But Edwards said he would not be surprised to see that extended beyond six weeks.

“The league is doing its due diligence, though, of making sure they are prepared,” Edwards said. It’s “just in case something does happen and the crisis (moves) behind us.”

The NBA 2K League launches into a crucial third season on Tuesday, with four games on the slate.

Magic Gaming starts its own schedule on Wednesday with a matchup against Bucks Gaming.

Edwards said the season’s approach has energized his squad, which last year missed the playoffs by one game.

“We are optimistic heading in,” he said. “We know we have big-game players.”

In February, Magic Gaming added Alexander “Profusion” Snowden to the squad.

Snowden is an explosive shooting guard who averaged 16 points last season while shooting more than 50% from 3-point range.

He also has a history with the players on Magic Gaming squad, having been longtime friends with Brandon “ToXSiK” Raudenbush.

Edwards said they have been getting closer as practices continue in quarantine during coronavirus.

“I know the world is at a standstill,” he said. “But I think we have done a really good job of making sure these guys focus on the task at hand.”


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