Pac Man maze coming to Orlando next year

If you have ever wanted to be chased through a maze by Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde – and who among us hasn’t? – the folks at Orlando Weekly shared some news that should get you excited.

A real-life Pac Man maze will come to Orlando next October as part of a newly created attraction.

It will put players in a layout similar to the popular video game, with the goal being to navigate the maze and collect fruit along the way.

But the course will also be populated by the famous ghosts, with players having three “lives” to lose.

“Not a real one, thankfully,” the attractions PR reps say on their website.

The experience appears to be a combination of escape room and corn maze, but details are scarce.

An old-school arcade will also be open on-site.

Admission will be $15 and will open Oct. 10, according to Orlando Weekly.


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