Orlando video game group Indienomicon leads charge to advocate for dev industry

The independent video game community in Orlando has been seeing a growth period pushed along by organizations that advocate for and support it.

Indienomicon, which will celebrate its seventh year in April, has become one of the most prominent.

The group hosts a monthly meetup that helps keep the organization top-of-mind for the community.

In 2020, it hopes to expand that presence, with plans being crystallized and details expected soon.

It’s a way to continue to grow the industry and, more importantly, keep businesses here.

“If we want to help cultivate the best developers and projects, we need a ‘scene’ where people can feel comfortable sharing, learning and having fun,” founder Kunal Patel said in an interview with The OVG. “We are social creatures. Ideas cannot grow in a vacuum.”

With the industry moving more toward mixed reality and interactive digital media, Patel has established the Orlando Game Space, a kind of coworking space for video game companies.

Among those in the space are companies working on new titles while surviving on contract work that might be more in virtual reality or other industries.

“We have more companies than ever before, more developers we all know than ever before,” he said. “We want to make a place that feels like home so we can retain more talented friends and colleagues and then we’ll all be successful.”

Learn more about Indienomicon in the video below.


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