Orange County Library hosts showcase of 6 games built at 1st game jam

A game that has players control a ball through a vertical level while collecting tokens won the top spot in the Orange County Library’s first-ever game jam, which asked those who attended to build a video game in a weekend.

The game – called Dreamscaper – was one of six built from Thursday through Sunday.

Library patrons throughout the day on Sunday played the games and voted on their favorites, with Dreamscaper receiving more votes than the other five games.

The other games included a platformer called Cutthroat where players control a disgruntled office worker, a game that combines elements of role playing with a typing-style game and another that had players side scrolling through the main character’s dreams called Lucid Dreams.

“It was cool to see the progression of the games,” said Juan Rivera, the senior digital media design instructor at the library, after awards were handed out.

The library got involved with this game jam as a way to expose more people to the tools the high-tech facility makes available to the community, Rivera said.

The library’s Melrose Center offers visitors a chance to work with sound, photo and video equipment.

“It’s all about access and access in this age is very different today than it was before,” said Josh Shidel, the library’s event planner. “You can still get a couple of books but you can also fly a plane, make a record or just make a video game.”

Sound Wright, who built a memorization game called Programmer Panic, said game jams help people who might not have experience with certain skills or programs.

She has been to game jams across the East Coast and praised the library for the event.

“It’s nice to be showing what you have done in a short amount of time without having it torn apart,” she said, saying the library’s game jam was the smoothest one she has been a part of.

On Sunday, Wright’s team and five others showed off their games, which were ranked by members of the general public who were in the library.

Dreamscaper took home the top prize with Lucid Dreams finishing second and Cutthroat taking third.


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