4 teams from UCF’s FIEA video game school to showcase games

Students at the University of Central Florida’s video game school will show off the titles they have been building this semester early next month.

The quartet of projects will include a virtual reality video game, a puzzle-solving platformer, a treasure quest game and a movie created using the Unreal Engine.

The groups at the Startup Showcase will exhibit their games at noon on Dec. 11 at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, 500 W. Livingston St.

Below are the descriptions of the four titles, straight from the development teams:

Project: Ruff Waters

Premise: A couch co-op multiplayer game, where up to four plucky sailor cats are pitted against the dreaded dog shark, the Doberfin Pincher, in a quest to collect as much treasure as possible without being shipwrecked.

Developed by: Plank-Walker Productions, LLC, available through Steam by December.

Project: “Tantalus Initiative”

Premise: A cinematic collaboration where we align cinematography with real-time technologies, namely Unreal Engine 4. This is our first in-house production featuring our infrastructure.part 1 will be available on Youtube as well as our website in December 2019.

Developed by: Peripheral Pictures, available on YouTube and company’s website in December.

Project: Malediction

Premise: A third-person puzzle/platformer that gives the player the ability to control space and time. Use your magic to solve puzzles, navigate through a cursed city and fight magic clones to reclaim your powers.

Developed by: Desert Beagle Studios, available on Steam in December.

Project: Limbitless

Premise: A VR game where players assume the role of a science experiment gone right – a Monster Blob who can take the limbs of other monsters and socket them to its body, using their unique abilities as its own.  

Developed by: Bad Word Studio LLC, demo release as a free-to-play download in January.

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