Madden NFL 21, built in Maitland, set to debut Friday. Fo’ shizzle.

The highest-profile video game built in Central Florida returns for its 28th year on Friday.

The latest entry in Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL series, built in Maitland, will include a bonus for hardcore gamers.

Those who buy the game for Sony PS4 4 or Xbox One can automatically upgrade if they buy a next-generation console.

Both the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will debut by the end of the year, according to the latest estimates.

Madden’s production has been donein Central Florida since 1994 through the small development studio Tiburon Entertainment.

Electronic Arts acquired Tiburon in 1998.

Among the new features in Madden NFL 21:

  1. A backyard-style, 6-on-6 mode called “The Yard” that allows user-created players to team with NFL pros.
  2. New gameplay features, which are generally added each year to make the games more fluid.
  3. A “Face of the Franchise” mode that allows you to take a created player from high school to the NFL. The cast in that mode will include Snoop Dogg and Rich Eisen.

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