New game studio to show off spiritual exploration title at Otronicon

An Orlando video game company will finally get its closeup this weekend at Otronicon as it pushes its first title closer to the finish line.

Captilight Studios will be one of several companies featured at the video game showcase during Orlando Science Center’s signature event.

After a tough year during which the city’s indie video game industry lost some momentum because of the pandemic, Captilight Founder Deana Galbraith said it will be a good thing to reconnect.

“It’s really helpful to meet up with everyone in the community and see what they are working on,” Galbraith said. “It helps build a support network for you and for the game.”

“Path of Kami” is a puzzle game that follows the spirit of the wolf Kazeyo’s efforts to ascend after his passing.

Along the way, the story will reveal more of Kazeyo’s life as the player solves puzzles.

There is no release date but Galbraith will have a playable demo at Otronicon.

Orlando Science Center, which has hosted Otronicon since 2006, had to adjust its plans because of the coronavirus pandemic, pushing the event into February for the first time.

Video games have long played a large role in the event. This year, Captilight, Rum Runner Games and the Orlando Game School will be there.

In addition, Free Play Florida will offer free arcade games and video game competitions will be hosted by local group Powder Keg Games.

“We want players to feel all kinds of feelings and be immersed in the story,” Galbraith said of “Path of Kami.”

Orlando’s video game industry had for several years been developing into a cohesive unit.

The indie game group Indienomicon had been drawing growing numbers of game companies and enthusiasts to its monthly meetups before the pandemic.

Galbraith had started to become more involved there, as well.

She said others in the community have been yearning to get back to the camaraderie of the events.

“Everyone is really antsy about going game jams and meetups,” she said. “Once it all calms down, we can hopefully jump back to where we were or pretty close.”


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